Winter/Fall 2017

MALIKA’s modern aesthetic makes each piece distinct in its own way, incorporating intricate details into each creation. The label is known for its edgy details and trademark leather.


MALIKA RAJANI is an independent Canadian designer, creating clothing for the stylish modern woman. Malika’s designs are unconventional with a contemporary edge. The modern aesthetic makes each piece uniquely distinct, incorporating intricate and edgy details into each and every creation, along with her trademark leather.

Three Core Values:

The key factor that cannot be compromised is quality, both in terms of fabric and timeless design. Malika jackets are handwoven by experienced artisans, and it takes a full day to weave one skin. We use the most supple lamb skin leather that can be worn year-round. The clothing is as beautifully made on the inside as the outside using a soft and durable lining.

High Quality, High Value.

We make an honest effort to collaborate with companies that abide by fair trade and labor practices, and support local artisans and designers. This past year we collaborated with an artisan group steeped in heritage from a small village in China which specializes in the art of hand crafted basket weaving. Through our collaboration we have been able to improve their quality of life while keeping this traditional practice alive.

Spring/Summer 2017

MALIKA RAJANI is an independent Canadian label, creating clothing for the stylish modern woman. Designs are unconventional with a contemporary edge.


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